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Pregnancy comes with many questions, so know what to expect from your pregnancy with our educational videos. Palo Pinto General Hospital is here to help by providing support, guidance, and answering questions during your pregnancy journey.


Sign up for three sessions with nurse coach Carla Hay-Purdue, if you want to tweak your lifestyle and seek expert advice! Carla is a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner, and is Nurse Coach – Board Certified. Carla also works with those experiencing diabetes, hypertension, heart disease. Carla will help you develop self-confidence and make progress toward your wellness goals.

 Overview of the sessions:

 Session 1:  goals for health/ focus on nutrition (based on the Mediterranean Diet)

 Session 2:   Question & Answer/ the Mediterranean Diet shopping and cooking

 Session 3:   managing stress, cravings and habits

 Additional sessions: based on person’s identified goals

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Recently gave birth to my son at Palo Pinto General hospital. I can't find or say all the words to describe how amazing each and every one of the staff members were! They were all extremely sweet, caring and outstanding. I especially could not have imagined doing it without two specific nurses, Cathy and Heidi. They were beyond helpful, supportive, very caring, never hesitated to answer any of my million questions, and always made sure I was okay. My labor and delivery there could not have gone any better! Thank y'all so much

Tiffany Allman

Employees are always helpful, friendly. Usually the wait to see a doctor in the emergency room isnt too long and no matter if your health issue at the time is severe or not - each patient is treated with the same care, kindness & compassion.

Amie Carroll

Great service! Hands down the best place to have a baby. From labor & delivery to postpartum to caring for the baby, best people to have caring for your.

Meagan L