Your baby must always ride in a car seat. Holding your baby in your arms in a car or other vehicle is not safe under any circumstances. The safest place for a baby is in a car securely fastened in a rear-facing car seat. The back of the car seat cradles the baby’s head, neck, and spine if the car is involved in a frontal crash, the most common type of vehicle accident.

Use a rear-facing car seat until your child reaches the highest weight or height allowed by the seat manufacturer. Use the lowest thoughts for the harness for your newborn baby. This makes it easy to adjust the harness as your baby grows. Check the instructions to set up the harness and the lowest slots for your newborn baby.

Choosing a Car Seat:

-the best car seat fits your newborn and can be set up safely in your car
-learn to install and use the seat in your car before going to the hospital
-meet with your child’s passenger safety technician
-you must use a car seat EVERY time you put your baby in the car


Car Seat Safety Tips:

-never place a rear-facing car seat in front of an active airbag
-the safest place is in the middle of the backseat (in most cars)
-check your car owner’s manual for car seat guidelines
-don’t attach toys wraps or other items to car seats
-never use a used car seat that has been in a prior crash
-have a certified passenger safety technician check the car seat’s installation


Hot Car Warning: Never leave your baby alone in a car for even 1 minute! Even if the car is running and the air conditioner is on, your car can heat up faster than you think. And your baby’s body temperature can rise 3 to 5 times faster than yours.

Heat stroke or heat injury can happen when a baby’s body temperature reaches 104°F or higher. It causes life-threatening injury to their brain, kidneys, heart, and muscles, sometimes resulting in death heat stroke can happen after only 15 minutes in a hot car. Even if it costs a couple of extra minutes, take your baby with you every time you leave your car.

Warning: Always protect your baby from the heart heat stroke: ALWAYS LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK!


How to put your baby into a rear-facing seat:

– the baby’s head must be 1 inch below the top of the car seat shell
-place the harness retainer clip at the baby’s armpit level
-use only head support and harness protectors that come with your car seat
-harness lots should be at or below the baby’s shoulders
-harness straps must be snug enough that you can’t pinch any slack at the baby’s shoulders

-tightly install the rear-facing infant seat in your car’s backseat
-the seat shouldn’t move more than 1 inch side-to-side where the base is attached
-an infant seat should recline out at about a 45° angle
-avoid bulky clothing under the snug harness; put a blanket over your baby after they’re buckled in


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