Palo Pinto General Hospital is dedicated to promoting optimal health and well being of the entire community by providing patient and family-centered, quality healthcare in a respectful and safe environment.

Our network offers immediate and primary care with diagnostic assessments, women’s services, men’s health, lab draws, and more with several convenient locations. Please see the hours of operation and contact information below.

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400 SW 25th Avenue

Mobile Clinic (No appointment needed)
Schedule available atppgh.com

202 SW 25th Avenue, Suite 300
Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:30pm

118 South Main | Gordon, Texas
Monday – Thursday
8:00am to 4:30pm

Community Health care

Mineral Wells currently has approximately 17,000 residents, but the treatment coverage area Palo Pinto General Hospital assumes is close to 10,000 square miles and 100,000 people. The needs and demands for healthcare has grown and the facilities have expanded and the promise to continue to meet needs remains.


The Palo Pinto Area Foundation was formed in October of 1969 as a 501(c)3 Organization. The mission of the Foundation is to financially support the endeavors of the Palo Pinto General Hospital, Board of Directors, and Palo Pinto County Hospital District in the healthcare needs of the surrounding communities.

Over 50 years ago, a group of professional businessmen and women saw the advantage of having a county hospital district in Mineral Wells, Texas. The population was flourishing in Mineral Wells at the time and the need was great. They walked the streets and shook hands and single-handedly raised enough money to completely furnish and support the building of Palo Pinto General Hospital as we know it today. In the 1980’s they began a new mission to build a third floor, which is now the medical and surgical units.

Today, the Board of Directors of the Palo Pinto Area Foundation is committed to guiding the foundation. They guide and develop the distribution of funds donated to the Foundation. Most important to the Hospital is their enthusiasm and profound recognition of the positive and successful direction the Palo Pinto Area Foundation has taken. Whether it is for themselves, family, or friends, they know how valuable it is to have locally accessible “Excellence in Healthcare.”

Auxiliary of Palo Pinto General Hospital

The Palo Pinto General Hospital District came into being April 20, 1965. This was the culmination of many months of work following a request by the Sisters who operated the Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells. The Order felt they could no longer maintain the Nazareth Hospital due to decreased personnel and the need for modernization.

The Palo Pinto General Hospital Auxiliary was formed by a group who had been Auxilians at the Nazareth Hospital. By-Laws were adopted and signed by ten Charter Members on February 8, 1968. These members were – Msds. William O’Quin, O.B. Lance, J.F. Bailey, A.W. Dennis, Byron Greene, B.L. Miller, T.L. Sullens, Wayne Schwalm, John Westbury, and Sam Hawes.

The new hospital was completed and a day for public viewing was held July 26, 1970. The Auxilians acted as hosts. Over 7,000 area residents attended the open house. Moving day for equipment and patients was August 1, 1970.

Since the early beginnings of the Auxiliary with ten members, it now has approximately 65 active Auxilians and serves PPGH in many different areas both inside and outside of the hospital.