Palo Pinto Cares for kids


Palo Pinto General Hospital and the Palo Pinto Independent School Districts have partnered to provide school-based telemedicine services giving access to a medical provider at any time during the school day called Palo Pinto Cares for Kids.

Palo Pinto General Hospital and the Palo Pinto Independent School Districts have partnered to provide school-based telemedicine services giving access to a medical provider at any time during the school day. The parent/guardian will join the telemedicine visit via your iPhone/Android cell phone. If you cannot be present for some reason, permission will still be mandatory for each visit. The school nurse will remain with your child and help facilitate the visit via specialized telemedicine equipment.

Once the provider has completed your child’s assessment, they will determine whether or not the child may remain at school or if they truly need to be sent home. Our goal is to keep our children in front of the teacher in the classroom setting, as the classroom is where the best opportunity to learn takes place. A letter with information on how to access the visit record and who to contact should there be any questions or concerns will be sent home with your child. Also, a copy of the visit record will be sent to your child’s primary care physician.

our student’s health is key

Health and wellbeing are key to our students success in school. Together we can achieve that success. Consents must be signed for your child to participate in telemedicine consults, applicable consents for the PPGH clinic network, and also to complete a health questionnaire for your child that the provider can reference when completing their assessment.  Insurance will be filed, and co-payments/co-insurance or balances may be billed after the visit. Payments can be made electronically, by phone, or by mail, and instructions will be included with the bill.

Telehealth Coordinator, Stephanie Blue 940-328-7588.



Palo Pinto Cares for Kids coordinator, Stephanie, at MWISD pre-K registration and multi-culture night  2022


What is Palo Pinto Cares for Kids?
  • Palo Pinto Cares for Kids is a way your child can visit healthcare providers, such as their doctor or nurse practitioner through telehealth.
  • Your child, along with the nurse, can talk to the provider from school, and you can join from work or your home. You don’t go to a clinic or hospital.
How do I use Palo Pinto Cares for Kids?
  • You talk to the provider by phone, computer, or tablet.
  • You will use video so you and your provider can see each other.
How does Palo Pinto Cares for Kids help?
  • Your child does not have to leave school to go to a clinic or hospital to see a provider.
  • You won’t miss work to take your child to see a provider.
Are there any negative affects when using telehealth?
  • You and your provider won’t be in the same room, so it may feel different than an office visit.
  • Although uncommon, your provider may make a mistake because they cannot examine you as closely as at an office visit. (We don’t know if mistakes are more common with telehealth visits.)
  • Your provider may decide you still need an office visit.
  • Technical problems may interrupt or stop your visit before you are done.
Will the telehealth visit be private?
  • We will not record visits with your provider.
  • If you choose to join the visit, please be aware that if people are close to you, they may hear something you did not want them to know. You should be in a private place, so other people cannot hear you.
  • Your provider will tell you if someone else from their office can hear or see you.
  • We use telehealth technology that is designed to protect your privacy.
  • If you use the Internet for telehealth, use a network that is private and secure.
  • There is a very small chance that someone could use technology to hear or see your telehealth visit.
How much does a telehealth visit cost?
  • What you pay depends on your insurance.
  • A telehealth visit will not cost any more than an office visit.
  • If your provider decides you need an office visit in addition to your telehealth visit, you may have to pay for both visits.
What does it mean if I sign the documents?

If you sign the following documents (consent forms), you agree that:

  • We provided the information in this document.
  • We answered all your questions, or gave you contact information for any remaining questions. (PPGH Telehealth Coordinator, 940-328-7588)
  • You want your child to have access to telehealth visits.
  • If you sign the following document, we will give you this copy of the information included.
  • A record of your child’s visit will be sent to the PCP provided.